Opportunities from
the Service Drive

Revlink intelligently pre-qualifies opportunities from the service drive and refers them in real-time through a web based, mobile ready solution.


Your best resource for increasing revenue out of your service drive

Convert 1-2 % of your repair orders to vehicle sales, service contracts or maintenance plans out of your service drive


Learn which conversations are best

Engage all of your customers face to face to increase revenue, retention and customer satisfaction.


Revlink Academy

Revlink Academy is a workshop designed for salespeople and other dedicated professionals focused on developing prospects, leads and sales out of the service drive



Dealer Trends

Generating 1 to 2 car sales for every 100th repair order

  • 769 Service Contracts & Pre-paid Maintenance
  • 329 Vehicle Trades at lower acquisition costs
  • 350 $350,000 Saved on Advertising Face to face conversations
  • 585 Additional Vehicle Sales from the Service Drive


Revlink has 7 effective components to its success. Revlink is a reliable tool which utilizes modern technology and processes to consistently boost revenue while building customer trust through prompt and accurate communication of opportunity.

  • Simple and Intelligent Our sales intelligence engine uses numerous decision points to provide opportunity evaluation. Learn more
  • Real Time Data Integration with the dealerships DMS ensures that the sales team receives opportunities as soon as the service advisor creates a repair order. Learn more
  • Mobile Compatible Responsive mobile solution that works on any mobile device allows the revenue team to access the opportunity conversation, notification and information any where, at any time. Learn more
  • Instant Notifications Empower the dealerships sales staff with instant opportunity notifications to engage in real conversations in real time while the customer is waiting. Learn more
  • Proven Process Our process and training ensures your sales team's effective engagement with guaranteed results. Learn more
  • Revlink Team Team members are identified a Revenue team members that a team champion holds accountable for sustainable results from the drive. Learn more
  • Accountability Instant access to advanced reporting allows a dealer to hold the revenue team accountable. Learn more

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No organization has ever mastered [generating variable operations revenue from the service drive]. Many have tried and had some hit or miss success but NONE have been able to... Revlink will be the MACK DADDY for dealers across the nation to be able to predict, track, measure, and accomplish great success with service department customers. It has unlimited potential to add additional profit to a dealer’s bottom line. J. Absher, Agent

Builds a good rapport for the back of the house with the front of the house, because you build the team, you build relationships and you know who to go to. You know the team will support you when participate in the program. J. Cedola, Service Advisor

We have seen an increase in not only revenue, but also the retention of our customers... but also a much better working relationship between our service consultants and our sales staff. R. Kuhaneck, Finance Manager

I think the service has been excellent, when I have any concerns with the system etc... My concerns are addressed immediately, thank you so much for being there to assist me. K. Williams, Sales Advisor

Excellent added value to any dealership, especially if you want to get additional net profit to the bottom line. B. Rogers, General Manager

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