Revlink has 7 effective components to its success

Revlink is a web based, mobile ready solution, which intelligently pre-qualifies opportunities from the service drive and refers them in real time to your sales department with the reporting and notifications you need to hold your team accountable.

Simple and Intelligent

Our sales intelligence engine uses numerous decision points to provide opportunity evaluation. We present the sales team with a simple conversation that leads to a vehicle or protection plan sale at the right time during the owners life-cycle. As simple as identifying the opportunity and tracking accountability.


Mobile Compatible

Our responsive mobile solution works on any mobile device and allows the revenue team to access the opportunity conversation, notification and information anywhere, at any time.

Real Time Data

Integration with the dealerships DMS ensures that the sales team receives opportunities as soon as the service advisor creates a repair order. In addition, sales and appointment data is refreshed throughout the day allowing for sales to review historical indicators, prepare conversations, and focus on tomorrows' activity today.


Instant Notifications

Let the Revlink do the heavy lifting. Empower the dealerships sales staff with instant opportunity notifications to engage in real conversations in real time while the customer is waiting.

Proven Process

Several years of research and experiments with different models has allowed our implementation team to adapt to all dealer environments. Our process and training ensures your sales team's effective engagement with guaranteed results.

Happy Business Teamwork

Revlink Team

A dealers Revlink team is vital to the success of the program. No additional staff is needed to rollout of the program. Team members and champions are identified within sales, while the service drive team simply follows their normal process of checking in their customers.


Instant access to advanced reporting allows a dealer to hold the revenue team accountable. Through the use of reporting we can inspect what we expect and isolate the doing versus knowing problems in our process.


Generate sustainable revenue from the service drive.

What’s more?

As a bonus to our core Revlink system:

1) We can integrate opportunities into any CRM tool for additional accountability and follow up.

2) We can integrate with inventory management solutions to allow a fluid appraisal process that eliminates dual entry.

3) We can integrate with service contract and payment plan providers to allow start to finish fulfillment services in the drive without the need of an F&I manager.

What’s next?

Focus on retention and increase opportunity generation.

1) We work with direct mail, email, and online marketers to add that extra lift of endorsement that dealers are already utilizing to compliment the face to face interaction around selling vehicles and protection plans.

2) We are working on the next generation of retention and loyalty process and accountability tools that allow us to drive additional traffic back to the drive that we know will convert at a rate of at least 2% into a sale of a vehicle or protection plan.

3) We are working on additional sales opportunities in the drive that are variable operations focused to continue to strengthen the link between sales and service.